Class Materials Lists

Listed by instructor. 

Allen, Julie – Capturing Transparent Glass with Watercolor

Allen, Julie – Underpainting and the Disappearing Purple

Combs, Michele – Comprehensive Color

Combs, Michele – Landscape and Nature

Coppin, Michele – Painting

Dahl, Sam – Printmaking

Eha, Nancy – Crazy Quilt Block with Beaded Imagery

Eha, Nancy – Beaded Mandala

Eha, Nancy – Wool Mitten Ornament

Galloway, Suz – Contemporary Botanicals I & II

Hansen, Linda Seebauer – Intermediate Jewelry Design

Hearding, Catherine – Watercolor (all classes)

Holland, Bryan – Creative Collage and Mixed Media

Hutchinson, Sonja – Beginning Watercolor (Core Class)

Hutchinson, Sonja – Watercolor I & Working from Photos

Johnson, Debra – Basket Weaving

Kath, Cynthia – Pastels

Kandiko, Georgia – Watercolor Workshop (general list)

Lauber-Westover, Bonnie – Colored Pencil Studio

Lauber-Westover, Bonnie – Drawing Basics

Lauber-Westover, Bonnie – Intermediate Drawing

Lausen, Laurie – Folk Art Rug Hooking

Nelson, Holly – Drawing Basics (Core Class)

Petrov, Dan – All Classes & Workshops

Reynolds, William – All classes

Richman, Ellen – Abstract Painting

Saathoff, Danny – Intermediate Jewelry Design

Stommes, Audry – Figure and Life Drawing

Schweiger, Kenneth – Drawing

Thompson, Tracie – Beginning & Continuing in Oils

Thompson, Tracie – Draw and Paint from Photos

Thompson, Tracie – Drawing and Painting Horses

Thompson, Tracie – Drawing for Painters & on Toned Paper

Thompson, Tracie – Painting Trees (suggested colors)

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