NEW Liability Waiver Requirement

The Art Center requires all class and workshop registrants to have a signed RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK form on file for each session before they can participate.

Class Options

Select from the class options below to learn more about each class or workshop, and to register for an art class. You can also browse our interactive PDF class catalog.

NOTE: Classes are organized by date, then the day of week and time offered. The class grid in the catalog gives an overview by media so you can easily find a class or workshop that fits in your schedule.

Member Discount

Being a member of MCFTA saves 10% on every class and workshop for 12 months. An annual household membership is only $60 and can be purchased at the time of registration, immediately applying the discount!

Early Registration Discount*

Students currently enrolled in a class may earn a one-time $5 savings on a 4-week course or $10 on a 5-week or longer course if registration is made for the next session before the early bird deadline. This discount only applies to registrations for classes in the session immediately following the session in which you are currently enrolled.

*Early Registration and New Student discounts cannot be processed online. To claim these discounts, please call or visit the registrar.

Learn to celebrate your creations! Everything you create is an expression of your attention and effort and will have taught you something new. Look for something that is working, and congratulate yourself on your success. It might be something small, but noticing it will elevate your mood and motivate you to keep creating.

With focus and practice, you can become proficient quickly. Becoming excellent can take a lifetime, but the learning process is engrossing and worthwhile.

Ingrid Christensen


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